Klarsch Orthodontics

What is an Orthodontist

dr. klarsch

As Orthodontists, we’re lucky people
In case you weren’t aware
The things we are and comprehend
Make us truly, very rare

First we are photographers
We must study that puzzling face
And then become radiologists
And a headplate then we trace

By now we all are sculptors
As we mold the teeth in plaster
As engineers we get the boley gauge
To measure them much faster

By now we all are architects
And the blueprint has been done
And so we are the physicists
And the work is finally begun

We then become metallurgists
As many wires are sent adrift
And then we become the movers
As the teeth begin to shift

So now we are the artists
Pulling refinement in its place
And finally we become the idols
To that precious loving face

Orthodontists, oh, we lucky humans
God has showered us with grace
Through our hands he has empowered us
To give beauty to a face

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