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Dr. Klarsch and his staff are the best! Everyone is always so pleasant and professional. They are very friendly and always treat us like family. Appointments are easy to make and they've always been very accommodating. We highly recommend Dr. Klarsch for orthodontic treatment to our family and friends. The results of her treatment have been outstanding! Our daughter now has a beautiful smile to match her personality.

Thanks Dr. Klarsch!

~ Bill and Julie F.


My daughter began treatment two years ago and is almost there! I could see her self-esteem boost as she began to feel more confident about the appearance of her teeth and smile. During adolescence, confident smiles are a staple. Dr. Klarsch's warmth and friendliness are almost guaranteed at each visit. A year into my daughters treatment, I decided, (at age 37) to take steps to help with chronic jaw pain that I've had for some years. I am, to say the least, a VERY NEEDY patient. The entire office is so unbelievably tolerant! We've always had a pleasant experience and left the office feeling a sense of "accomplishment." Though everyone at the office seems to overextend themselves, we would like to especially thank Danielle for all of her guidance and knowledge as well as Mindy for her gentle hands and for putting up with us! If given the opportunity, I would proudly refer to Dr. Klarsch for orthodontic treatment!
~ Christy R.


Our dental hygienist at our dentist's office recommended Dr. Klarsch seven years ago and we have always been very happy and pleased with him and the office staff. Friends think we should go to the orthodontist near our home but I always say we are just so happy where we are, why change a great thing. Dr. Klarsch takes the time to learn about us and know us. He isn't just an orthodontist, he is a friend.
~ Clayton H.


Great Experience!!

Dr. Klarsch has followed three of our children and is in the process of seeing our fourth! We have been very pleased with the attentive and thorough care offered by Dr. Klarsch and his staff. We have confidence in Dr. Klarsch's knowledge of orthodontics and believe that he truly delivers highly competent care. He is very patient oriented and we confidently refer him to our friends.
~ Timothy
Jan 7, 2011


Friendly, fast and Great Orthodontist

My son has been seeing Dr. Klarsch for quite some time now and the experience has always been fantastic. I love the updates they give the parents after each visit and suggestions they make regarding what needs to be done next with regards to the procedures they are doing. It's a great team and great place to go. This is not an office where you have to feel less than welcome. Everyone here is professional, friendly and I greatly appreciate that.
~ Johnathon
Dec 27, 2010



I was moved from Japan a year ago and one of the Japanese orthodontics doctor recommended Dr. Klarsch. I am so satisfied with my condition now not only alignment of my teeth but also occlusion. The staffs at the clinic are all friendly and superior technique. I am also satisfied with their explanation about treatment.
~ Makiko K.
Jan 2, 2011


The Best of the Best!

Dr. Klarsch and Staff are the most kind and professional orthodontic health care providers in the St. Louis area. We are always greeted with a smile and kind word and you feel like you are part of the family from the moment you walk in. Always on time and really care about you and your family. They describe the treatment plan and keep you up to date on all aspects of the plan and any areas of concern they have. Everyone is warm, kind and caring. Love to always see your smiling faces.

~ Clayton H.
May 23, 2011


On Time!

I love how organized this office is. My two kids have had three different orthodontic treatments. In all of those appointments, Dr. Klarsh was always on time. I love that. It means that the front desk does a good job of scheduling and the office does a good job of staying on track.

Five years ago, I had braces as an adult after having them as a teenager. I used another orthodontist in town and the difference between my experience there and my kids' experience at Dr. Klarsh's office is remarkable. Dr. Klarsh will probably not give you the lowest bid on braces, but I know from experience that sometimes you get what you pay for.

Dr. Klarsh does a great job of explaining the treatment plan and the office hours are convenient for kids in school. They just started sending out electronic, email or text message, reminders for appointments. I think it is great not to have to call to confirm an appointment. I just sent my niece to this office for a consultation. I highly recommended using Dr. Klarsch for orthodontic treatment.

~ Anonymous
Mar 30, 2011



Highly Recommended

We have been seeing Dr Klarsch for over a year now and every single appointment/treatment has been a positive experience. The staff is also very upbeat, kind and professional. I would (and do) recommend Dr. Klarsch to other families any time.

~ Anonymous
Feb 23, 2011

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